Reiman Gardens Ames Wedding | Justin + Megan

Last summer I had an amazing time photographing Justin & Megan at Reiman Gardens in Ames, Iowa. It was a ceremony held with their closest family and friends. Here are a few photos from their wonderful wedding day.

Wedding Reiman Gardens Ames

Groom Portrait

Grooms Cuff Links

Grooms Chucks Shoes

Grooms Superhero Socks

Grooms Boutonniere

Grooms Jacket Hanging

Groom Walking

Groom And Groomsmen

Brides Wedding Portrait

Brides Sorority Pin

Bride And Groom Kissing

Bride And Groom Laughing

Bride And Groom Kiss

Happy Bride And Groom

Bridal Party During Ceremony

Putting On Grooms Ring

Groom Looking At Bride

Putting On Brides Ring

Putting On Brides Ring

Bride Smiling

Wedding First Kiss

Bride And Groom Leaning Kiss

Wedding Cake Toppers

Brides Flower Bouquet

Brides Bouquet Close Up

Ames Silversmithing Wedding Ring Box

Brides Necklace Beads

Engagement Ring

Bride And Groom Quiet Moment