My Niece’s School Project

A couple of weeks ago my niece text me asking if I could help her with a school project. It was a simple project where she just had to take photos on a pro level camera and put them in a slideshow for her class. We scheduled it for today and the weather turned out wonderful for her photography project.

I had asked her what she wanted to take photos of and she said buildings. So I picked her up after church and off we went. Our first stop was the capital building. I covered shutter speed, aperture, ISO and how camera metering works. Then I set the camera to auto so Afwe could just focus on taking photos 🙂

After that we stopped by waterworks park to take some photos of the flowering trees in the arboretum. I thought we’d try and take her project in a new direction so I asked her if she wanted to take portraits of people. We practiced her introduction since she’d be walking up to random people asking for to take their photo. Over two hours we walked around and got 30 portraits and 5 photos of dogs. Only 4 people said no to her, which is a great response rate. It was a lot of fun and she got some great photos.

One day I’ll have walk around and see how many people say yes to a random bearded guy asking to take their photo.