Iowa Sunset | HDR

Last fall I took a series of photos that I planned to make an HDR photo from. If you’re not familiar with what HDR is I’ll step you through the basics.

A camera can only see so many shades of gray/color from dark to light. This is called a camera’s dynamic range and the more the better. Our human eyes can see a lot more than what cameras can. In an effort to capture the same thing that we can see, we can use a technique called HDR Merging.

This photo used 9 images all taken at different exposure times. Below are the bottom, middle and high images to give you an idea of what the photos look like.

 After we have the individual photos we merge them in Photoshop or another HDR program to create the final image. The result is an image thats pretty close to what we can see with our own eyes.


Iowa Sunset Field HDR