Google Is A Fickle Friend

A little over a month ago I was super excited to find out that I made it to the first page of Google. I felt it was a crowning achievement and verification that all the hard work I put into SEO had finally paid off. Fast-forward to today and I’m half way down on page two. I have one thing to say…. Google is a fickle friend. One moment you’re on the top of the mountain and next thing you know Google came up behind you and pushed you over. As you come tumbling down you scream “NO!” but there’s no point because Google owns the mountain and makes up the rules.


I can only look at myself for this pointed decline in page 1 status. I know that Google wants fresh and exciting content for its users. I was just too busy with turkey and decorating our tree with as many silver decorations as I could find.


Google can we be friends again?